Java 1D Numerical Schrodinger Equation Solver

This takes a while to download all of the classes, so be patient -- put your mouse over the applet and look at the bottom of the browser for status.

Getting Java: If this isn't working in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it's because by default it uses an old, buggy Java implementation. I hate to make you do this, but you may have to download and install Sun's Java Runtime Environment Plugin (J2SE JRE) at

Using the Applet: Press play to make it go. reset to start over. Buttons on the side are for interesting presets. Dump outputs a sequence of .tga files to make a movie, but because Java security doesn't allow browser applets to write to disk, you have to download it and run it with appletviewer.

For information on the applet, see 1D_Schrodinger_Applet

The code is liscenced under GPL. It's not complete or presentable yet. You can browse the java directory including source at /java. Archive of the entire directory is java.tar.bz2 (10 MB)